$39.99 USD


The Masterclass you need to teach you:

  1. Take back your power when dealing with a Narcissist
  2. Put a stop to the endless drama of your interactions with them.
  3. Stop being frightened of what they might say, do - or even think.
  4. Remain unmoved by their stories of their wonderful life without you in it.
  5. Co-parent more confidently
  6. Negotiate more effectively with them and
  7. Lower your stress and anxiety levels, thereby freeing up mental energy for all the other important aspects of your life that can get neglected.
  8. Develop powerful new skills for dealing with difficult people in general.


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Breaking Old Patterns Toolkit - $39.99


The Breaking Old Patterns Toolkit

Break the old patterns of tolerating toxic relationships, reconnecting with your authentic self and living your best life.

The Breaking Old Patterns Toolkit

  • Break the old pattern of tolerating toxic relationships.
  • Reconnect with your authentic self.
  • Live your best life.

Module 1: Your Master Key to Unbreakable Confidence

Module 2: Meet the Authentic You

Module 3:  Your Healthy Relationship Blueprint

Bonus: The Mindset Mastery Session


What People Are Saying:

I feel like I have learned to love myself again and have that amazing energy I had before my tumultous relationship. Thank you for bringing me back to life.

Vivienne S.

I got the validation that I needed to get me through a toxic family dynamic. Annie has made me stronger mentally and emotionally.”

Maylene Hugh-Sam